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Harrison MFR


6 month old Friesian colt

Andries 415 x Onne 376

Dam: Eaukje

Harrison is a beautiful colt, sired by Andries 415 Sport, an exceptional moving stallion with an extremely long mane, tail and feathers.

Garrison MFR


5 month old Friesian colt

Doaitsen 420 x Jasper 366

Dam: Trienke HB

Garrison is from a high rated Ster mare. His sire is Doaitsen 420, who is USEF Champion Friesian Sire for 2016, 2017 and soon to be announced, 2018.

Gregory MFR


9 month old Friesian colt

Tsjalle 454 x Rindert 406

Dam: Nynke R S

Gregory was RESERVED CHAMPION COLT in his 2018 inspection. He is a son of Tsjalle 454 SPORT which is rare in the US. Gregory is a tall, sporty looking colt with great movement and impressive trot.

Gwendolyn MFR



7 month old Friesian filly

Andries 415 Sport x Tsjalle 454 Sport

Dam: Lente Crown Sport

Gwen's dam is a very highly rated CROWN AND SPORT mare with exceptional breeding values, especially in all areas of movement, including walk.

Ghislane MFR



8 month old Friesian filly

Norbert 444 x Wimer 461

Dam: Marieke

Harley MFR



6 month old Friesian Filly

Andries 415 x Brend 413

Dam: Oedske

Hailey MFR



Andries 415 Sport x Mintse

Dam: Wobke Crown

Hailey MFR was award a high 2nd premie filly at her keuring. Her dam is a 1st premie Crown mare and her sire is the famous Andries 415 Sport. Hailey is a great mover and, icing on the cake, she has a great mane, tail and feathers like her dam and sire!
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