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Harrison MFR


12 month old Friesian colt

Andries 415 x Onne 376

Dam: Eaukje

Harrison is a beautiful colt, sired by Andries 415 Sport, an exceptional moving stallion with an extremely long mane, tail and feathers.

Genevieve MFR


12 month old Friesian filly

Doaitsen 420 Sport x Teade Sport 392

Dam: Pocahantas

Genevieve had great scores at her keuring, with 8s on walk AND trot and has an unbeatble bloodline! Great grand dam is mother of Beart 411 Sport Pref!! Selling only because we're down-sizing.

Gambier MFR



12 month old Friesian filly

Doaitsen 420 Sport x Tsjerk 328

Dam: Lisette

1ST premie filly, half sister to a stallion invited to the 70 day test! Selling only because we're down-sizing.

Garrison MFR



10 month old Friesian colt

Doaitsen 420 x Jasper 366

Dam: Trienke HB

Garrison is from a high rated Ster mare. His sire is Doaitsen 420, who is USEF Champion Friesian Sire for 2016, 2017 and soon to be announced, 2018.

Gwendolyn MFR



13 month old Friesian filly

Andries 415 Sport x Tsjalle 454 Sport

Dam: Lente Crown Sport

Gwen's dam is a very highly rated CROWN AND SPORT mare with exceptional breeding values, especially in all areas of movement, including walk.

Ghislane MFR



14 month old Friesian filly

Norbert 444 x Wimer 461

Dam: Marieke

Harley MFR



11 month old Friesian Filly

Andries 415 x Brend 413

Dam: Oedske

Hailey MFR



Andries 415 Sport x Mintse

Dam: Wobke Crown

Hailey MFR was award a high 2nd premie filly at her keuring. Her dam is a 1st premie Crown mare and her sire is the famous Andries 415 Sport. Hailey is a great mover and, icing on the cake, she has a great mane, tail and feathers like her dam and sire!
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