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Bryce MFR


2 year old Friesian stallion

Brend 413 Sport x Mintse 384 Sport

Dam: Wobke

Bryce is a Brend x Mintse, out of a highly rated Crown mare. He received a very high 35 at his keuring.



2.5 year old Friesian stallion

Tjalbert 460 x Fetse 349

Wren was 1st premie, champion colt at his keuring. His sire, Tjalbert 460 has exceptionally high breeding values and is a great, tall stallion.


Sold - Congratulations Jessica!!


4 year old Friesian stallion

Uldrik 457 x Doaitsen 420 Sport

Tobie is a beautiful young stallion with a good confirmation and great movement.


sale poending


3.5 year old Friesian stallion

Tsjalle 454 x Tetse 394

Dam: Geeske fan Unia-State

Tieme is one of only 15 stallions awarded the prestigious STER predicate in 2017!! (5 of the 15 were MFR stallions!!) Sired by Tsjalle 454, the Grand Champion of all stallions in Holland in 2016!!

Alex MFR


1.5 year old Friesian stallion

Hessel 480 x Tsjalle 454

Dam: Lente

Alex is a strong, beautiful stallion. His dam is a rare CROWN mare, with a SPORT predicate! His sire was the Grand Champion of the STallion keuring in Holland in 2016. Quality young stallions like this do not become available very often.




3.5 year old Friesian stallion

Norbert 444 x Jasper 366


Sold - Congratulations Patrice and Kari!!


4 year old Friesian stallion

Doaitsen 420 Sport x Tsjerk 318

Dam: Hiske fan Bosksicht

Utsen was 1st premie, colt champion as a foal and recieved the rare STER award as a 3 year old in 2017. The Doaitsen Tsjerk (or Andries 415 Sport) cross is one of our favorites.


Sold - Congratulations, again, Blake!!


1.5 year old Friesian stallion

Epke 474 x Rindert 406

Dam: Nynke R S

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