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13 year old 4th level dressage STER gelding!!

Beart 411 x Lamert 260

Rintsje is a very rare 4th level SCHOOL MASTER Friesian geldings.


Sale Pending


5 year old Friesian gelding

Norbert 444 x Anton 343

Very good gaits including excellent canter.




7 year old Friesian gelding

Jisse 433 x Fetse 349

Jelle has a lot of driving experience, but just started under saddle.



7 year old Friesian gelding

Mewes 438 x Onne 376

Joshua is at training in riding and an excellent trail horse. We have ridden around trails here, even bareback. Clean x-rays available.

Teade fan Oostenburg

Sold - Congratulations Susan!!


4 year old Friesian gelding

Tsjalle 454 x Beart 411

Teade made it to the 3RD VIEWING for approved stallions in Holland! One of 25 out of over 300 stallions!


Sold - congratulations Susie!


6 year old Friesian gelding

Andries 415 Sport x Teeuwis 389 Sport

Marten has extremely beautiful racial type and is very friendly and confident.


sold - congratulations Kelly!


6 year old Friesian gelding

Aan 416 x Jasper 366

There are few young horses that can be called beginner safe but Norris is one of them.


Sold - Congratulations Cynthia!


6 year old Friesian gelding

Tsjerk 328 x Krist 358

Onno is a sweet 5 year old training at first level.


SOLD - Congratulations Kristin!!


9 year old Friesian gelding

Beart 411 x Jochem 259

Sweet, tall and easy to ride for everyone. He has very nice gaits and is M level dressage.


Sold - congratulations Chad!!


6 year old Friesian Stallion

Thorben 466 x Feitse

Dam: Feijke

5 year old full papered beautiful stallion! Meinte is not spooky at all....trail rides and can be shown at 1st level. He is very calm around people and other horses even though he is a stallion!


Sold - Congratulations Randy and Michelle!!


8 year old gelding

Andries 415 Sport x Time 398

Hendrik is a well-schooled riding and driving gelding.


Sold -Congratulations Jillian...so happy for you and Fonz!


9 year old Friesian gelding

Fabe 348 x Tsjerk 318

Fonzie is super easy to ride, impeccably trained and shown to 3rd level in Holland. He has easy gaits, easy aids, and is a calm horse. Fonzie whinnies when he sees you and loves people!! His training and mind allows him to be an incredible mount from the beginner to advanced, casual to competitive and would be a stellar family horse. I can not say enough good things about him and I know I will be sad to see him go. Beautiful thick tail and head, with expressive kind eyes. Pretty, smooth, sport body and good feet. Clean, current X-rays.


Sold - Congratulations Karin!!


6 year old Friesian gelding

Maurus 441 x Feitse 193

Elegant sport type with exceptional movement suited for upper level dressage work. 16.1 hands. His bright mind and wonderful work ethic make him the perfect horse for a rider who wants to take him from 1st level to higher level. Inquisitive, gentle, personable nature that makes him a barn favorite. It is rare to find a calm however forward moving Friesian of this caliber. Mylo has a brave personality and will carry his rider with composure to any event or at pleasure turning everyone’s heads along the way. We knew he was one of a kind when we met him and you will too. Clean X rays, no vices.


Sold - Congratulations Holly!!


5 year old Friesian gelding

Alwin 469 x Tsjalke 397

This is the sweetest horse in the world and is in love with everyone who comes to visit him. However, he is not just sweet he is an absolutely gorgeous Ster gelding with beautiful movement. Big (16.3 hands), smooth bodied gelding with kind big brown eyes. Once you meet him you will never want to part with this Casanova. He is exceptionally nice to ride, good gaits and soft mouth, with easy aids but very calm and safe minded. Great for competition, trails, family, beginners and amateurs but stunning enough for the professional rider. If you are looking for the entire package, come meet Pietha before we can not part with him ourselves and fall in love. Clean Xrays.

Hans H.

Sold - Congratulations Bill!


8 year old ster gelding

Maurits 437 x Feitse 293

Hans is a 6 year STER gelding who rdes and drives. He is a beautiful mover, well trained and calm and easy. Beginner safe! He Has not competed but could easily be shown 1st level.


Sold - congratulations Tom!


5 year old Friesian STER stallion

Tsjalle 454 x Nanno 372

Reinout is one of a few highly rated STER stallions in the US. His sire is the unbelieveable Tsjalle, who was reserve champion for the stallion inspection in Holland, for 2011, 2013 and 2015! Reinout has beautiful movement and is currently very well conditioned. He is green broke and is continuing his training.
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