Andries 415 Sport - Tsjerk 328 x Nykle 309

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Breeding fee: $1500 - see link to .pdf of contract below

$200 off 2nd (or more) contract for multiple mares (same owner)

$100 off contracts received on or before 4/1/2016

$100 off for returning repeat customers

$100 off for mares ster or higher

From the KFPS Offspring report Dec 18, 2014:

Quotes from the Testing Offspring Report, December 2007:

Videos of Andries 415 Sport

Andries at his new home at Maddi's Friesian Ranch
Andries driven in cones and obstacles by Britney on July 24, 2016

Documents for Andries 415 Sport

Andries's breeding values
Andries's 2017 breeding contract (.PDF - requires Adobe Reader to view)
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